Early Model

The early season botrytis risk model predicts if a major botrytis epidemic (greater than 3% severity) could occur at harvest. It uses weather data, vineyard growth stages and disease management inputs between flowering and beginning of ripening (veraison). It provides a tool for visualising seasonal botrytis risk and effective management actions to decrease risk.

  • Shows if botrytis risk is accumulating faster or slower than a risk threshold.
  • Projects accumulating risk forward from today's date to help to plan ahead.
  • Shows how management actions reduce botrytis risk.
  • The effectiveness of early season botrytis management strategies can be explored.

Late Model + Brix

The late season botrytis risk model predicts rate of botrytis increase relative to rate of berry sugar accumulation (°Brix) between veraison and harvest. It shows when the target °Brix for a given block will be reached and what the botrytis severity will be at that time. The predictions support decisions on removal of botrytis-affected bunches during ripening and planning of harvest date to minimise botrytis damage.

  • Real measurements of botrytis severity and berry °Brix in specific vineyard blocks.
  • Predicts sugar development for the date that target °Brix will be reached.
  • Predicts whether to expect a fast or slow rate of botrytis increase.
  • Visually track the effects of altering harvest date on both °Brix and botrytis.

Block Overview

The block overview allows you to easily navigate between the blocks you have entered, where each block represents an area of vines for each variety in your vineyard. All data inputs and predictions for your blocks over multiple seasons are in one place, providing a valuable information resource when planning disease management programmes.

  • There is no limit to the number of blocks that can be added and years that can be viewed.
  • Groups of blocks can be created to help organise the list.
  • If you use SprayLog you can easily import your block list.

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